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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Ramesh , Priya Anand

Hi All,

Insight of everyone's views and comments, I want to insist that Cuckoldry happens in real life and today's modern & open minded lifestyle makes that experience very comfortable for couples.

I am 30 years old married Indian male based in BANGALORE. My lovely wife is Indian too and she is 28 years old. We got married 2 years back. My wife was 7 months pregnant from her White Lover when we got married. Her White Lover ANAND was my senior colleague in office. In fact Anand is the one who brought myself & Priya (My wife) together. Anand was in Live in relation with my wife for 5 years, and she was pregnant. Anand never wanted to marry and settle as family man. He saw a stable, loyal & responsible and future husband in me; for her lover & nice father for their lovechild.

For some reason I feel so happy about the type of relation I am into. It's so romantic. Anand meet my wife Priya when she was just 21 years old girl, Anand was 39 years old that time. Priya lost her virginity to him and moved into his home to stay with him right after 3 months of their romance, and for next 5 years they slept together. My wife is just 5.3' tall and she was very thin when she meet Anand first. Where as Anand is 6.4' tall and strong built man. With this proportion Priya was like a tiny piece of toy in huge boys hand. I can only imagine things Anand would have done to my sweet young wife for years. Anand helped my wife to blossom from bud to beautiful flower. Anand carved a wonderful women out of my wife's body by pumping his love juices inside her.

I feel so great and content knowing that my better half was blossomed & bred by a strong handsome man like Anand before our marriage. And it was so romantic and nice of him to choose me to become life partner of her most beloved lover.

And yes, Anand still makes love with my wife, but I haven't got the privilege yet to witness their love. Anand makes sure that he take my wife and baby with him for weekends. This happens generally twice a month. For me, I don't want to make big deal out of they having sex sometimes. I think it's only natural in the sort of relationship we have.

My sweet wife Priya, is always careful to keep intact the strong bond of relation we three had. Priya really gives herself to Anand whenever she is with him. She completely understands my Cuckold feelings and she always makes sure that she would tell me about her nights with Anand and arouses me to max in foreplay. I feel more aroused and happy to know from my wife's mouth that how nicely she was taken by Anand and how she loved him more & more with every thrust of him inside her. It only makes my wife more sweet and makes me lover her more and more.

I always try to support CUCKOLD husbands by giving scientific facts.
in some species, For Ex: Rats, female can sense the genetic disability in her mate, and decide not to copulate in case mate is not healthy. In Lions, Leader of the group copulate with the female, and rest male Lions guards the cubs of female, while Leader male Lion is filling female Lion with his capable seeds inside her womb.
This all works out in order to produce more capable, smart and healthy generations for the species, and since female is the producer, they are God gifted with the talent to choose whom to have babies. All males in every species has to carry certain tasks to build and promote the society. Females choose Alpha male to copulate with Alpha male. Alpha dose it's Job to plant the more superior seeds in female, and then it is weaker species obvious job to take care & raise the offspring of superior & female. As you have correctly quoted, more weak the person is, more loyal, caring and responsible he will be for his wife and her wonderful babies, which she Bred with the more superior one in the society.

When Anand sent my self & Priya on a trip for 5 days to let us know each other and see whether we can see each other as life partners. Since being in BANGALORE for long, I always felt I am less confident, less strong,(both physically & mentally), & less smart than my Whites male colleagues at my office. I was so glad to know that My would be wife was with such a capable, strong and successful man like my respected colleague Anand, and not only that, she was bred by him, and I had a chance to accept such a blessed women in my life with such a lively sugar baby of Anand himself, growing inside her womb, willing to be a bright future of my family. I took only 3 days to decide that Priya will be my Better half.
Myself & Priya and very happy together. we now lead happy and satisfied married life and we both are proud to be a parent of healthy, intelligent & wonderful white baby girl.

Our Baby is beautiful, growing strong & intelligent, and all credit goes to ANAND & My sweet wife, who invested 5 long years in lovemaking and bonding with each other and took a step to make such a wonderful baby, to whom I am a Proud legal father.

I would love to hear from other Indian Cuckolds.

Ramesh , Priya & Anand

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Anand, Priyadevi & her Cuck

Anand was a nice dom man that Priyadevi had been chatting with for some time on the Internet. She had always been hesitant about Doms because she didn't want to be Dominated by anyone. She would always say that she would be someone's slut but she wouldn't be their sub because she didn't want anyone inside her head. It was a fine line that she drew in terms of being a Hot Wife. I was surprised when she agreed to meet him for a dinner with Anand. I knew she was getting bored though with. I prepared her for the meeting and she teased me a bit before she left. I sat and waited eagerly as she left. She gave me a safe call after about a half an hour and told me how much she was enjoying Anand . I thought that was a good sign and was hoping something might happen between them.

About an hour later she called me to inform me that she had decided to bring Anand home. She wanted to know if the house was presentable for her guest. I told her that I had done all the chores she had requested and hoped that she would be pleased. I turned on some music and lit the candles in the living room with turned on some dim lighting. My heart was racing because I did not expect this turn of events. I knew she must have really enjoyed him to be bringing him home. My cucky angst began to build with thoughts of what she might do or what she might make me do. I began wondering what she had told him about me, about us, would she let me watch, would she let me participate or would she make me go to the computer room and wait?

The excitement and the anxiety began building at a frenzied pace. I could feel it in my balls moving up to my stomach. I paced around the house, trying to get my head together, making sure everything was in its place. I wanted her to be pleased by my efforts and of course hoping to be rewarded for them. I sat on the couch and waited impatiently. I began stroking my cock with anticipation. It is amazing to me what a phone call from her does to me. This would be our first real Bull. The thought of that prospect must be as exciting to her as much as it was me. I heard cars pull into the drive and then doors open and close. My cucky anxiety rose as I made sure the door was unlocked.. The door suddenly opened and she walked into the room smiling while looking back at him. I stood up and went to greet them. Priyadevi handed me her purse and I helped her get her coat off, then she nonchalantly introduced Anand as she smiled back at him. She left the room as I stood there shaking his hand and took his coat. I offered him a seat on the couch and a drink. I went to get him a drink as she was coming back through the hallway, she ignored me and went straight. She was ignoring me on purpose, teasing me. Her behavior told me that she was excited.

I went and got a bottle of water from the fridge and headed back to living room. Mistress was leaning back in the middle of the couch as Anand was over top of her, kissing her. I saw his hand between her legs rubbing her pussy through her slacks as they kissed passionately. I stood there for a moment watching when he turned and said, "Place the water on the end table," and then ordered me to sit in chair by the couch. Being given instructions was different for me; most men tried to ignore me because they are nervous. He wasn't nervous at all; he was very much in control and I could tell she was enjoying it. I thought to myself they really must have gotten to know each other at the bar. This was very unusual for her to bring someone home upon the first meeting even though they had been chatting for some time. She liked to surprise me at times and this was a pleasant one.

They continued making out on the couch while I took out my dick and began playing with it, as I watched this man take my wife. Anand began to take down her saree and ordered me to come over and help. I quickly hurried to the couch and slid off her fuck me pumps and then removed her saree the rest of the way. I folded them neatly as he went right back to rubbing her pussy through her black lacy thong. He commented on how pleased he was that she wore one for him. He looked at me and thanked me for picking it out. Anand was very much in control of her and me, but I did not feel threatened or fearful in anyway. She had good judgment of men and she would not have brought him home if she had any doubts about him. I could see from the look on her face that she was caught in the moment. She was lying there enjoying herself as he fingered pussy and fondled her body. I was beginning to get caught up in all the excitement myself. It's ironic, as her excitement builds, mine builds right with it. We are so symbiotic in that regard. He slid her thong off and said to me, "gary get over here and take these panties and put them in your mouth." I was shocked by his request. So was she, but I heard her moan as he handed them to me. Anand told me to taste how hot and juicy my wife was for his black cock. This guy was good! I eagerly sucked them into my mouth moaning like a slut in heat. I wasn't sure at that moment who was more of a slut, me or her. Master Anand was dominating the situation and we were both loving it. We had fantasized about this moment for quite some time and now it was becoming a reality.

He was finger fucking her wet cunt with one hand while rubbing her clit with his other hand. She started to cum and began to squirt all over the couch. He ordered me over to watch her pussy shooting out hot liquid all over his hands on the couch. He said, "look at your wife, see how much of a slut she is for me already". I all I could say was, "yes Sir", and watch in amazement. I was truly surprised at how excited she was by him. She only squirts when she is extremely turned on. My head was spinning as the cucky angst had completely taken over. I had never felt this watching her with another man before. I sat back down with her thong in my mouth sucking it, like a whore. I grabbed my dick and began to jerk it furiously. She had gone to another erotic zone in her mind with him and I was headed to cuckyland in my own mind. I began to feel a wave of powerlessness come over me as I watched him stand up. He ordered me to come and help him with his clothes. He unbuttoned his shirt and handed it to me. I was amazed at how muscular he was under the shirt. She was laying length wise on the couch now and looking up at him. She reached up and felt his firm stomach as I folded his shirt. He kicked off his boots and then began unbuckling his belt. He said to me, "I know what this slut needs gary, she needs to some black cock". He looked down at her as his pants slipped down his legs and then he asked her what she wanted. She reached up and rubbed his cock through his underwear and said, "I want to suck your big cock." He smiled down at her as he pulled the front of his underwear over his semi-hard prick. It was big and black, but what amazed me was he had on cock rings. A ring around the base of his cock and two rings around his balls on the inside. It must have been a Master thing, who knows, I didn't care at this point, his cock could have been blue with red balls.

He started calling her "his slut" as he shook his prick at her lips. She acted like the cock hungry slut that she is and gobbled the head into her mouth. She was in a frenzy and I knew he could do whatever he wanted to her at that point. I wasn't sure that he knew it though. She was gone, she was in slut land, she just wanted cock and she didn't care anymore. She sucked him eagerly and every now and then he would pull it out her cock starved mouth and tease her. Anand would make her lick his balls and talk nasty to her as he laid his cock over her face. What a stunning contrast, her white faired skin and his big black cock. It was so erotic to me as I had never seen her being controlled sexually, she was the one always in control. For some reason I was loving it. I watched her hand go down to her pussy as she begin fingering herself while sucking and licking his balls. What a slut I thought to myself. He noticed her as well and knew he had a real slut on his hands at that moment. The bitch was fingering herself and getting off her own cunt while he was talking nasty to her. I was lost; all I could do was watch in amazement. He leaned over and began spanking her pussy as she came and came with each slap. After things calmed down a bit I suggested that maybe they should go to the bedroom for more comfortable surroundings. He thought that was a good idea and asked where the restroom was, I pointed him in the right direction.

I helped her off the couch and her eyes just rolled back in her head. She began shaking her head in amazement as we went into the bedroom. I helped her onto the bed and began to take off her blouse and bra when he came in and crawled into the bed with her. She knew I was there but her focus was him. I took her blouse and folded it neatly as he began working on her breasts. They kissed and fondled for awhile when.he finally got in between her legs on his knees and grabbed that huge prick of his, holding it right at her pussy entrance. Then he said, "come here gary, I want you to see this". He placed his cock between her pussy lips and began rubbing it up and down. She began gyrating her hips, wanting it. He said to me, "I am going to put a fucking on her like she never had before". I believed him at that moment! It was the first time all evening he had spoken in black slang.

He stuck the head of that monster in her and she let out a scream of pleasure that sent me through the roof. She lifted her legs higher to accommodate him. I watched her grab the tops of her feet in the air and pull her legs as far back as she could to take him. I thought to myself, "what a slut". He was gentle but yet forceful. He kept telling her to take him deeper and he kept saying to me, "are you watching this, gary?" I just kept saying, "yes, Master."

Finally he got himself all the way in her pussy and then he began to pump her slowly. She just kept screaming and cumming. He was on top of her now when he ordered me to suck his balls from behind. I thought it was a strange request but I crawled in between his legs from behind and began licking his balls as best I could. It was a difficult position. He shouted out to me as he was fucking her, "yeah, lick my nuts, slaveboy, and lick her ass too." I heard her moaning loudly as he spoke. She was loving him man handling me. I sucked and licked for about 5 minutes when he ordered me to come around to the side of them. He got back on his knees and pulled his cock out of her creamy pussy. He instructed me to look at what a slut my wife's pussy was for him. Then he ordered me to lean over and taste her on his cock. I leaned over and took the head it into my mouth and tasted her on him. He told me to lick her pussy and I did. He began rubbing his cock on her lips and up to my mouth as I sucked her clit. I began sucking the head of his cock as he slid it up to her clit. Her hips began bucking and she was moaning loudly as this man had taken control of us. I wasn't sure how comfortable he was with it though, because it only lasted a few minutes, then he went back to fucking her some more. I knew she must have told him that and she loved seeing me suck cock and that's why he did it. He probably fucked her for about another 10 minutes when he finally told her he was going to give her his hot black seed. The fucking bitch went crazy, she started pushing back against him as hard as she could. She started cumming again and he let out a moan as he dumped his load in her. He got back on his knees and told me look at it as he pulled his creamy cock out slowly. Then he started fingering her pussy as the cum oozed out. He wiped his fingers on her thighs and ordered me to clean her up. I went down on her eagerly and began licking it up. She usually goes crazy when I eat her cream pie and she did cum again, but he had fucked it all out of her. She just laid there afterwards in a peaceful bliss.

We started chatting and he came out of his role and asked us how much we liked it. It was strange seeing him like this after him being so dominant. He was a nice guy. I got him some towels so he could shower. He got dressed and then went back to the bedroom and kissed and fondled her and I showed him out. I went back and got into bed with her. She rolled over and started kissing me and hugging me. She was drained though, I could tell from the look in her eyes. I had never seen her so completely gone. I knew she wanted to get me off. She started giggling and telling me how much she enjoyed him as I stroked my dick. She could see my excitement and asked me if I wanted to feel her well fucked pussy. I got on top of her and she kind of laid there as I slid into her. She was stretched, but I could feel their hot juices and the thought of that big black cock being in there was driving me crazy. It didn't take me long as I rolled off and stroked myself to finish. I held her in my arms and she told me how much she loved me before falling aslee

Monday, December 15, 2008

Cuckold-Cummunity in India

The Cuckold is not a new thing in India, but people who have that feelings dont have a forum to express them self. Here it is a family who are cuckold families who can share their feelings and find people with same feeling.

You can share your feeling

You can share your stories

You can post here what you look for.

More coming soon